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BPSD Program of Care

The focus of the BPSD Program of Care is to provide person centred care to the person suffering from dementia and BPSD.

A care home that decides to implement the BPSD Program of Care starts by sending a team of personel for training.  This team must consist of Managers, Nurses, and Care Workers.

The training starts by introducing dementia, its symptoms and causes, and how this can result in BPSD.   The team is then taught how to measure a person using the NPI scale.  Once this is understood the team then continues with how to analyse the results and how to create a person centred care plan.

Working in a team is essential as the analysis of the NPI measurement, and identifying the possible causes of the BPSD, requires a team effort.  Understanding the person’s current situation and life history often gives clues to causes of BPSD and possible interventions.

The team are also trained in how to use the IT system to register each step of the process.

The final part of the training shows the team how they can return to their care home and implement the BPSD Program of Care.  This is a process that can take a number of months as knowledge gained during the training is passed on and a new culture is built in the care home.

Reunion meetings

An essential element in the BPSD Program of Care is regular meetings with other care workers in order to share experiences, advice and tips.   These meetings are often a source of motivation as care homes that have successful implementations can act as good example to those just starting the journey.

The results

After a few months the care home can expect to see a reduction in BPSD as more and more persons are included in the program.  Care workers will be happier in their jobs as the reduction in BPSD gives them more time to direct care where needed. They are subject to fewer attacks, and naturally are proud of the results they are achieving.

How do I implement the BPSD Program of Care?

Contact us and we will put you in contact with a local partner.

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